Blogging? Say What?

After being forced to start a blog for my women’s studies class I began to think about what to do with this blog?  What the hell is a blog?  Does anyone even read them?  Does anyone give a flying fuck what I have to say?  Probably not.  I suppose that is why I have put off blogging and every attempt in the past has ended quickly.  No matter what the form of public posting, I never feel satisfied with what I write.  In past experiences, blogging feels odd: a strange mixture of pretentious, fake, staged, melodramatic, or dangerously truthful writing which I secretly want no one and everyone to read at the same time.  I find the same problem in my diaries and journals, which is why so far I have erased, trashed, and burned every one which I have kept.  Looking back and reading them makes me feel “icky” for lack of a better word, and before I know it I’m getting rid of the remnants of my imperfect mind.  So where do I go?  How do I mix my blog with my life?  Am I to be truly honest, like some sort of public diary?  Am I to make it a place for professional opinions, or am I better off keeping it as separate as possible from other areas of my life?  Do I link it to everything?  Do I run around commenting, or do I take my chance in writing?  Should I display my art?  Should I make something completely new?  I can only say, at this point in time, I have no idea what to do with this.


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